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We help to grow nonprofit leadership and organizational strength in Peel Region

At PLC we believe nonprofits can achieve maximum social impact with strong leadership and strong organizations. To help grow nonprofit strength, we curate and share great resources, deliver high quality learning opportunities and provide customized capacity building support. Connect with us on social media or join our mailing list and we will send great stuff about leadership and PLC straight to your inbox.

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Leaders of Today: ED Survey Video

This blog is Part 1 in a 2-part series! For Part 2 which includes a video sharing Calls to Action recommended in the ED Survey Report, 2018, please click HERE. In September of 2018, Peel Leadership Centre released “Leaders of Today: An Inside Look at the Executive...

PLC – What We Do

PLC is nearly two years into our Strategy and we’re very pleased with the work we’ve been able to accomplish in Peel Region and excited about the opportunities on the horizon. We have worked with some incredible organizations, leaders and emerging leaders in Peel...

VIDEO – Leading Through Change

Leading Though Change, PLC’s 3rd Annual Nonprofit Leadership Conference, is on Wednesday, September 26th, 2018, and registration is NOW OPEN! By now you may have already read about Leading Through Change and what you can expect from the day. But here are some of the...

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Thoughts and stories about leadership and nonprofit strength

7 Resources for Effective Nonprofit Board Meetings

7 Resources for Effective Nonprofit Board Meetings

Board meetings are a part of life for leaders in the nonprofit sector. Most organizations hold them monthly with maybe a month or two off over the summer or winter holidays. Some organizations only meet a few times a year. Regardless of their regularity they are a...

5 Quizzes: Are You Ready for Management?

5 Quizzes: Are You Ready for Management?

Becoming a manager is a big step in our career. It’s often the first time we transition from peer to leader. It can be tough to work through that big change: work buddies to supervisor and direct report. Many times, we receive a promotion because we’re excellent at...

8 Resources to Help Leaders Manage Their Time

8 Resources to Help Leaders Manage Their Time

Time may be our most valuable resource in the nonprofit sector. As we know, capital is hard to come-by but time we’ve certainly got to give. And, it’s the only sector where people actually give away time, aka – volunteer. So, it’s no wonder that many of us are...

5 Resources to Help New Managers Supervise Effectively

5 Resources to Help New Managers Supervise Effectively

Getting a promotion is such a great feeling. It’s a confidence booster because it demonstrates that our skills, hard work and leadership potential are noticed, recognized and are being rewarded. It is an exciting time and we all want to make sure that we start our new...

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