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We help to grow nonprofit leadership and organizational strength in Peel Region

At PLC we believe nonprofits can achieve maximum social impact with strong leadership and strong organizations. To help grow nonprofit strength, we curate and share great resources, deliver high quality learning opportunities and provide customized capacity building support. Connect with us on social media or join our mailing list and we will send great stuff about leadership and PLC straight to your inbox.

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Video – Our Impact

We’re not supposed to brag about our work and accomplishments in the nonprofit sector, are we? We’re supposed to go on about our day, quietly and meekly, embarrassed by any sort of recognition or appreciation. We don’t do this work for the glory, after all! We do it...

Leaders of Today: ED Survey Video

This blog is Part 1 in a 2-part series! For Part 2 which includes a video sharing Calls to Action recommended in the ED Survey Report, 2018, please click HERE. In September of 2018, Peel Leadership Centre released “Leaders of Today: An Inside Look at the Executive...

PLC – What We Do

PLC is nearly two years into our Strategy and we’re very pleased with the work we’ve been able to accomplish in Peel Region and excited about the opportunities on the horizon. We have worked with some incredible organizations, leaders and emerging leaders in Peel...

From the Blog

Thoughts and stories about leadership and nonprofit strength

ED Experience: The Importance of Networks and Self-Care

ED Experience: The Importance of Networks and Self-Care

Over the past few years, Peel Leadership Centre has had seasoned and new Executive Directors, and other sector leaders engaged in interviews and informal conversations so that we could learn more about their experiences in the nonprofit sector. We wanted to see some...

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Reflecting on Leading from the Middle 2019

Reflecting on Leading from the Middle 2019

PLC’s annual leadership development program, Leading from the Middle, came to a close on May 29, 2019. This is the fourth year in a row that PLC has run this program and every year there is so much more we learn from the facilitators as well as the thoughtful and...

5 Resources to Help New Managers Supervise Effectively

5 Resources to Help New Managers Supervise Effectively

Getting a promotion is such a great feeling. It’s a confidence booster because it demonstrates that our skills, hard work and leadership potential are noticed, recognized and are being rewarded. It is an exciting time and we all want to make sure that we start our new...

8 Links to Help Us Create a Communications Strategy

8 Links to Help Us Create a Communications Strategy

We have shared with you in previous blogs that we believe that nonprofit communications should not be just a side project, but a centrepiece of our organizational strategy. The communications strategy is the tool we use for sharing our organizational raison d’etre. ...

5 Links to Help Us Select a Great Boss

5 Links to Help Us Select a Great Boss

There’s nothing like that feeling of landing a great job. You love the organization’s mission, vision and values, the location is great, the work is challenging and exciting and if you’re lucky you may even know one or two great people who already work there or you...

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