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Welcome to Peel Leadership Centre!

We are so glad you are here! PLC is passionate about helping to grow great leadership and strong organizations in the nonprofit sector to achieve maximum social impact. We do this by sharing great resources, delivering high quality learning opportunities and providing customized capacity building support. Connect with us by subscribing to our blog - NP Vibe - or by following/friending us on social media. We'd love to stay in touch!
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  • 09/20/2016Leadership Forum - PLC TIME OUT
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Coming Back from Burning Out

A few years ago I decided to take a break from being a nonprofit Executive Director. In fact, I swor... Read More

What Staff? Keeping Operations and Governance Separate in an Organization with No Staff

From NPQ:  “As I was cautioning the audience to keep board members focused on governance resp... Read More

“Collaborative leadership requires that we adopt a new perspective, seeing things as whole, interdependent and dynamic. “

“Would have been difficult to focus on succession without the support we got from PLC. The unbiased input was essential – otherwise it could be slippery to navigate. The external guidance provided good info and discussion. On our own we might have gone sideways.”  

“Thank you so much for the advice. It has clearly articulated for us, the roles and responsibilities of both employer and employee with regard to the issue and we will be using it to make decisions on how to move forward on the issue. This kind of pro-bono advice is invaluable to agencies like ours that do not have the resources to hire HR professionals.”

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