As you may be aware, here at PLC we write an original blog post nearly every week of the year. As a leadership and capacity building organization we have a pretty deep well of material to draw on in order to create these blogs. We work a couple of weeks out, but when inspiration strikes we take advantage of that as well. In every weekly meeting we open the opportunity for any team member to write a blog, or suggest ideas for blogs. However inevitably, there will come a week where we are uninspired or just lacking in ideas that could drive our blog creation. We’ve created a kind of ‘cheat-sheet’ for ourselves so that when we’re all dried up, we’ve got some ideas right in front of us. And as a kind of ‘meta’ exercise, we thought we’d share some of these topics with you in this week’s blog!

Our Impact
  • Showcase a project near the end of its cycle and share the story of how we got there
  • Showcase an upcoming or past event
  • Interview our volunteer(s) or service user(s)
  • Ask a volunteer or service user to write about their experience
  • Create a photo or video story around our work
  • Write about a ‘day in the life’ at our organization
  • Link a positive story about our impact back to our strategy, mission or vision
  • Write about challenges we’re facing and how we’re attempting to overcome them
  • Summarize evaluation data and share results
Our Community
  • Highlight work by other organizations doing great stuff in our community
  • Discuss topics important to the community we serve
  • Summarize new legislation, by-laws, or political discussions and share how it could impact the community we serve
  • Suggest Facebook pages, Twitter handles, Instas or other online folks and groups that address topics important to our community
  • Announce and write about important stuff happening within our organization (new hires, new programs, projects or events, etc.)
  • Encourage staff members to share their professional experiences and lessons they’ve learned along the way
Resource Sharing
  • Share websites, blogs and newsletters we find valuable and relate to the work we do
  • Discuss resources and other supports that complement our services
  • Share some internal documents like policies and procedures that may be helpful to other organizations
  • Summarize research or a report that impacts our organization, community or sector
  • Take a piece of pop-culture (movie, book, tweet, song – the possibilities are endless!) and share how lessons, points of view or experiences there can relate to our organization, community or people we serve
  • Write about processes, procedures or ideas within our organizations that may benefit other organizations
  • Answer some FAQs about our organization

All nonprofits may not have the resources to maintain a weekly blog. However, there are people everywhere who are interested in our perspective, the work we do, how we’re serving our communities, and would be happy to hear from us monthly or even quarterly. It’s a great way to communicate to our stakeholders and share our best practices, successes, stumbles and learnings with our communities, other organizations and our sector. Additionally, it’s a great way of chronicling the story of our organization; looking back, we can see how far we’ve come.

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Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts? What does your organization enjoying writing about? If there is something you’d like PLC to blog about, let us know in the comments below!

Until next time,


Tina de los Santos brings a diverse mix of nonprofit and business leadership to her role at PLC. Throughout her career she has been passionate about creating engaging learning experiences that support and inspire people’s professional and personal growth. Tina also owns a communications business that helps businesses and non profits engage their audience with compelling, story-based content. She looks after PLC’s e-learning and social media and looks forward to digitally connecting with leaders and aspiring leaders from Peel and beyond!

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