Leadership roles can take us on many paths. We all have different ways of motivating our teams and inspiring our organizations to keep moving forward despite all the obstacles in our way. But sometimes we get stuck in a leadership rut. Everything in our organization is moving along just fine, but we feel like we could be more or do more for our teams, our organizations and the people we serve. But, how do we begin? How can we inspire and motivate others, and ourselves, to achieve even more? What are some special skills and abilities I can grow in myself that can help take us from good to great?

Sometimes a great piece of advice, a simple anecdote or an incredible story can help to relight that fire and re-inspire our desire to serve.

With this in mind, we have found some powerful videos to inspire greatness in our leadership. With leadership advice from Simon Sinek, a simple, guiding phrase from Colin Powell, reflections on leadership from powerful women, and a story of unstoppable ambition borne out of family trauma from Dame Stephanie Shirley, there is inspiration, motivation and greatness all found in the videos below. As leaders it’s so important for us to reflect on our own leadership and then be open to learning new ways of leading, motivating and inspiring. Enjoy!

Simon Sinek on Love, Relationships and Leadership.

Great leadership is about the little day-to-day things you do that inspire people to love their jobs and want to be a part of your team. Leaders need to be courageous, vulnerable, and truly care about their team.


Colin Powell on The Essence of Leadership

Building trust is essential. ‘…you’ll know you’re a good leader if people follow you if only out of curiosity.’


BBC Radio – Be a Leader: How To Be a Powerful Woman

Thoughts from women in a variety of leadership roles on what they bring to the table, and how they’re successful. Respect, trust, collaboration, listening, shared responsibility and the desire to move forward, inspiring the team to come with you.


Ted Talks – Dame Stephanie Shirley: Why do ambitious women have flat heads?

She created the first software company in England in the 1960s with her entire staff composed of women who worked from home. Through adversity, family trauma and in a time when to get her foot in the door she signed her business development letters, ‘Steve’, Dame Stephanie Shirley made incredible things happen.


Is there a video you’ve found that has inspired your leadership? Please, share in the comments below!

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This week’s blog was written by Tina de los Santos. Tina brings a diverse mix of nonprofit and business leadership to her role at PLC. Throughout her career she has been passionate about creating engaging learning experiences that support and inspire people’s professional and personal growth. Tina is our chief knowledge sharer and enjoys digitally connecting with other leaders in Peel to help them find great resources and learning tools.

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