Getting a promotion is such a great feeling. It’s a confidence booster because it demonstrates that our skills, hard work and leadership potential are noticed, recognized and are being rewarded. It is an exciting time and we all want to make sure that we start our new role on the right foot. We probably have a new supervisor and the people we’re now managing are probably either new to us, or former peers/co-workers. However, once we begin in the new role, we may start to recognize that this transition may be trickier than we had thought! There are new skills that we’ll need to learn and deploy – often we’ve gone from front-line work to management and those skills are often very different.

We’re here to help!

The resources below can help ease that transition for newly promoted managers and steer us toward some of the skills, strategies and tactics that may help us in our new roles.

If we aren’t managing staff teams yet, these resources can help prepare us now for what may be helpful for us to know in the future. And, if we’re already managers, the links below are a great refresher and can revitalize our management practices.


1) 8 Tips to Transition From Co-Worker to Manager

As the title of this article suggests, it can be tricky to manage your professional relationships and your new career trajectory once you’ve been promoted over your peers. This article not only shares practical tips to help ease that transition, but in reading these tips we can glean what kinds of behaviours and practices we can deploy now that will make for an easier transition when we’re promoted in future.


2) 8 Tips for Managing Your Team Effectively

This blog is probably only a 5 or 10 minute read, but it highlights the broad strokes of effective management well. With maintaining good communications, acknowledging good work, managing conflict and setting a good example, this link is a great start if you’re new to management.


3) 10 Fundamentals That Can Help New Managers Succeed

The author states that this article includes a mixture of skills, behaviors and business functions that they’re collectively calling ‘fundamentals’ that new managers can learn that will help them lead and supervise effectively. They are a ‘launching point’ for new managers. Lots of insights based on experience here!


4) 4 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Employees

How can we figure out how to motivate our teams? Ask them! This article shares some great questions that will help us determine how our team wants/needs to be managed and supervised in order to produce the best results and create the happiest working environments.


5) The 10 Golden Rules of Effective Management

Similar to the link above, this article goes into a little more detail and shares greater nuance with the basics of management and supervision. It also shares actual practices that can help us live the ‘Golden Rules’ it outlines.


Have we missed your favourite resource, tool or link to great supervisory skills and tactics? Email us at or let us know in the comments below!


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