There are so many ways we can access resources, tools, inspiration, and other supports that can help to grow our professional development. Just on PLC’s blog we’ve shared tens if not hundreds of resources that we can all use to grow our knowledge-base, gain new skills, and develop new ways of doing things or perceiving the world. We’ve even shared some videos from time-to-time. In 4 Videos To Get Your Leadership Unstuck, we shared some fascinating perspectives from well-known and lesser-known folks who are wildly successful in their fields. In Not Your Usual Leadership Movies, the staff team at PLC shared their favourite examples of compelling leadership in movies. In short, we have found that videos can be a great way of fostering new understanding of topics that are of relevance to our roles as nonprofit leaders.

To that end, we’ve identified some playlists on the TED website that explore issues relevant to nonprofit leadership. There are hours of videos here, so feel free to bookmark this page so you can dip-in and out as your schedule allows!


How to tell a story

A huge part of what we do as leaders in the nonprofit sector is share our clients’ and our organizations’ stories. We need to be able to share compelling stories in order to shed light on the challenges our communities face and garner support for our organizations and causes. In this playlist there are 6 talks from novelists, comic book artists, and movie makers, that explore the power of storytelling in all its forms.


How to be a great leader

There are so many ways we can be great leaders. Every leader has their own style, path and motivation. Though we are all different, there’s always something we can learn from each other and other great leaders. Whether they’re CEOs of huge corporations, or community leaders that have inspired major change, leadership in all its manifestations deserves a closer examination.


Work smarter

The advice and insights offered in these talks suggest ways of working that can improve our day to day experience of our working lives. From walking meetings and getting more sleep, to finding simple ways to be more effective at our jobs, these speakers offer us an alternative perspective on how we can ‘do’ more without wearing ourselves out. So important for nonprofit folks!


Everything you thought… was wrong

Okay, it may be hard to see how this topic relates to nonprofit leadership, however there is a link! These talks, all with wide-ranging topics, flip our thinking on things we thought were generally understood. They show us that there is always another way to see something or think about an issue or challenge, and solutions may be right under our nose. Inspiring!


Why you should take time to play

These speakers explore the benefits of play including improved creativity, increased potential for collaboration, invention… and as nonprofit leaders aren’t we trying to be more innovative, collaborative and creative in terms of our approaches to tackling social challenges? These talks will help us find ways to play and bring those benefits back to our organizations.


Which is your favourite TedTalk? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time,


This week’s blog was written by Tina de los Santos. Tina brings a diverse mix of nonprofit and business leadership to her role at PLC. Throughout her career she has been passionate about creating engaging learning experiences that support and inspire people’s professional and personal growth. Tina is our chief knowledge sharer and enjoys digitally connecting with other leaders in Peel to help them find great resources and learning tools.


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