With rising global efforts to stem the alarming spread and impact of the COVID-19 virus, we are reminded that though it is important to plan for a changing work environment, it is difficult to fully anticipate how an occurrence and event like the COVID-19 pandemic can suddenly capture the world’s collective attention and response. 

PLC’s role is to convene, engage and support leaders in various kinds of conversations as they lead their people and organizations.  With the emerging situation of COVID-19 and everyone grappling with some level of anxiety and fear, here are a few steps that leaders can take:

1. Sharing calm and care: Extraordinary times require extraordinary actions. As volunteers and staff members continue with their jobs, they would look up to their leaders for care, calmness and support in carrying out all the precautionary measures required at this time. Nothing is more powerful than to see leaders walking the talk on good health and well being and showing kindness in words and action.

2. Demonstrating organizational flexibility: As a sector, we are continuously helping, supporting and empowering others through our various programs and services. However, with the new and unpredictable COVID-19 situation and social distance being one of the precautionary measures, leaders need to show flexibility and re-examine or re-schedule the delivery of programs & services to safeguard the health and safety of everyone involved.

3. Remote working or telecommuting: As part of the ongoing conversation on the future of work, over the last decade more and more employers are increasingly shifting and allowing for remote work. Technological tools such as Skype, Zoom or teleconference have significantly facilitated this shift. One of the mitigating actions being taken to combat the spread of the virus is ‘Social Distancing’.  The shift towards remote work makes social distancing possible while allowing the continuation of the work at the same time through various tools.

4. Monitoring and Communicating: As COVID-19 situation continues to evolve in the coming days, leaders need to monitor it closely and ensure that they are aligning organizational practices with the guidance provided by the local health authorities and importantly, continue to communicate the updates with the staff through memos/ emails/ office communiqué.

Here are a few links to sites that will help you stay informed.

Peel Public Health


Government of Canada


COVID -19 Assessment Centre –- Brampton


COVID -19 Assessment Centre — Mississauga


A few other links:


Keep well everyone and take care


Vanita Varma

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