With the concept, development and creation of PLC’s 3rd Annual Leadership Conference, Leading Through Change, we spent a lot of time as a staff team discussing the changes in the nonprofit sector and how leaders and staff teams are experiencing change. Our work requires deep dives into organizations through our ‘Whole Organization’ approach and we learn about the changes and challenges happening in our sector from Boards, EDs and other senior leaders with whom we work so closely. Our team and Board are closely connected to the sector and are experiencing these challenges first-hand, as well.

There is change happening that impacts us internally and externally. Changes in technology, demographics, and needs of the community affect the way we work, the make-up of our teams and the skills needed to lead our organizations. There are also changes in funding allocation which impacts how we organize our resources and prioritize our programming. There are also changes happening outside of the sector that impacts our work; the changing political landscape may leave many of us wondering what’s going to happen for us down the line.

The way we operate our organizations is changing. And in order to prepare for these changes, leaders need to equip themselves with as much preparation, knowledge, training and resources as possible in order to face the uncertain future and ensure our clients’ needs are met. Change requires us to be uncomfortable. It challenges our safety, our routine and what we understand and accept to be true. We get so used to the way things are that when change comes, rather than adapting and moving forward, we may avoid or deny the changes which could leave our organizations, our teams and our clients in a vulnerable spot. Nonprofits who want to remain relevant and effective today have no choice but to be more agile, nimble and adaptable.

These changes are affecting all of us in the nonprofit sector. At PLC we want to help nonprofit leaders and teams prepare for change by providing opportunities to connect with each other and share experiences, successes and failures around adapting and facing change. We also provide opportunities to gain skills, learn new strategies and tap into knowledge and expertise that could support our efforts and help us move with confidence into the future.

Built into Leading Through Change is plenty of time for attendees to network and connect. There is so much we can learn from each other; what one leader may be facing today, another leader may have overcome yesterday. Networking and connection aren’t just about the benefits to our organizations, but we can help and be helped by our colleagues from around the sector. The long breakfast time, the leisurely breaks and lunch provide plenty of time to meet new people and reconnect.

The three workshop offerings provide the opportunity for participants to hear thought leaders share their strategies around change processes, learn what change looks like and its implication from a human resources lens, how we manage change in our organizations and implement it with proven strategies, and so importantly, how we communicate productively through a change process. Though we all probably have something to learn in these workshops, participants can only select one! You can see a writeup of the workshops here.

The Funders’ Discussion Panel provides a rare chance for nonprofit leaders to connect and engage with funders on the impact of change in their organizations. It is an excellent opportunity to hear from funders, to ask questions, and be informed on funders’ priorities in the months and years ahead.

Our hope is that Leading Through Change’s participants will come away from the day with some actionable skills, resources and knowledge that will support effectively change management in the future.

We look forward to welcoming you on September 26th to Leading Through Change.


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Until next time,

The PLC Team

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