Data Storytelling Workshop

Giving Data a Voice: Transforming Data Into Actionable Insight Through Story

How do you effectively communicate a data-driven business case to get others to donate monies? How do you keep people energized and engaged while you share a bunch of numbers and figures that you know are important for them to act on for the good of the organization? How do you turn a pile of statistical information into something that’s meaningful to others? It’s not enough to wrap graphics and fancy visualizations around data and deliver them in a slick package. All data has a voice. Someone has to extrapolate meaning from the data — and then transform this meaning into a compelling story that moves people to shift their thinking or change their behavior. After attending this workshop and working hands-on with several different kinds of real data, you’ll be able to:

  1. Craft an effective business value or need question to drive useful data collection.
  2. Identify the contextual questions that need to be asked to transform data into information, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to improve how you analyze data and report on it.
  3. Explain the three types of stories that may be resident within a set of data and the various outcomes and conversations they spark with others.
  4. Identify the story structures that work best when storifying data.
  5. Tease out and craft the stories that could be associated with a given set of data.

About Lori Silverman

In 2003, every time Lori spoke about her book, Stories Trainers Tell, radio and TV hosts asked: “Can story be used for more than training?” Realizing that little research had been done in the business storytelling field, she spent the next three years researching and writing Wake Me Up When the Data is Over, a book highlighting 81 successful applications of story use in myriad business functions. When the Dummies series called in 2013, she once again put pen to paper and churned out her third bestseller, Business Storytelling for Dummies, with Karen Dietz. In this last book, data analysis was merged with business storytelling to create a unique approach to transforming data into insight through story.

As the owner of Partners for Progress®, Lori helps organizations navigate through messy complex organizational changes and develop and implement long-range breakthrough strategies to catapult growth. Nonprofits she’s worked with include the American Legion Auxiliary, YMCA of the Inland Northwest, the National Credit Union Foundation, and the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired. As a keynote speaker, Lori has inspired thousands of participants to take action. She’s also an adjunct professor in the Master’s program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA and will start teaching this fall at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she resides.

Date: May 16th from 9.30 – 4.30pm

Unfortunately, this event is currently oversubscribed. We will be sharing key learnings here in future. 


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