Leading from the Middle

You manage things; you LEAD people.

Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper


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Sometimes, being a middle manager can be challenging.

But with key skills and high confidence in our abilities, it can be manageable AND enjoyable to undertake this key position in an organization.

In PLC’s succession work, it has become very clear that there is a need for training at the middle management level to help managers both step into their leadership potential and develop the skills needed to manage people and resources effectively. Communication, supervision, financial management and a better understanding of leadership were all key areas that EDs and managers identified as crucial to helping middle managers not only survive but thrive in their roles. This is why we created the ‘Leading From The Middle’ program. We enable middle managers to connect and learn together to grow their network, their skills and their confidence.

There is no financial cost but participants will need to commit to the full program as we have found that full attendance gives the most benefit. This program is for Peel Region leaders only. 

Sessions include:

THE ART OF LEADERSHIP                 WEDNESDAY, MAY 2ND, 2018                                                                                

What kind of leader do you aspire to be?  What is the difference between managing and leading? This workshop is a dialogue on leadership that balances practice and theory, using storytelling, promising practices, and reflection on our own experiences.  


If you are happier and more loving, peaceful and focused you are going to be more productive and effective in your leadership. This is the simple yet powerful outcome when you are better engaging your Emotional Intelligence. How is this done and how do you intentionally live and be this intelligence? This is the underlying focus for your development in this course.

COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS                                            THURSDAY, MAY 17TH, 2018                            

Effective communication is a key skill for successful leaders.  In this workshop, we explore practical models and approaches that will help you overcome barriers to communication, and prepare you to have and facilitate productive conversations based on trust and collaboration.   

MASTERING FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT                          WEDNESDAY, MAY 23RD, 2018                               

If you want to become a financial management rock star, then this is the workshop for you! Designed for program and project managers, this workshop will help you move from work planning to budgeting and from financial tracking to reporting.  


Relationships are an important part of our work-life. However, in the nonprofit sector they are of crucial importance as we collectively work towards the social change we want to see in the world. We cannot solve social issues by ourselves or even within our own organization. This session is all about networking, making connections and developing better collaborations in the sector. We will talk about the different stakeholders we will come in contact with as managers and how to grow our own and our organization’s professional network. 

The other half day of this session will be an opportunity for participants to bring together their learning and set action goals for the future. 


If you are interested in joining the May 2018 session of Leading from the Middle, please email us at info@peelleadershipcentre.org

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