Strategy Development

“It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?”

                                                                                                           Henry David Thoreau

At Peel Leadership Centre we believe that vision is THE crucial driver for your organization. Having a strong vision about the change we want to make in the world provides a much needed north star in a continually shifting landscape. It also increases employee, volunteer and donor engagement. Too often, we go straight to creating the strategic plan and skip the visioning, thinking that the plan is the most important part. It’s not. The process of visioning helps to ensure that everyone in the organization is moving in the same direction toward the same overall goal.

However, having a strong strategy for ensuring your vision comes to life is crucial too. So, at PLC, we help you do both. We’ve taken the most important elements of traditional strategic planning and mixed them in with something new – story. We help you to develop your big story/vision and then help you choose how you will make it happen over the next 3 years. We also provide implementation coaching to ensure that your strategy doesn’t sit on the shelf collecting dust and assist with evaluation so that you can track your progress.

The PLC 4 Ds Approach to Strategy Development

DISCOVERY (Facilitation/Consultancy)

  • Brief environmental scan
  • We interview your clients, volunteers, employees and partners to find positive stories about what you do
  • We craft the stories and bring them to the next stage (you can also use these stories in your marketing)

 DREAM (Facilitation/Graphic Recording)

  • Harvest the stories to gain collective clarity about the organization’s impact
  • Develop a shared story of a preferred future – what impact will the organization have? How will it help? Who will it help? How will they feel?

 DESIGN (Coaching/Consultancy)

  • Craft vision and mission
  • Develop strategic goals
  • Develop brief strategic plan

 DELIVER (Coaching)

  • Develop operational plan using a tried and tested template
  • Develop evaluation plan to track progress of strategic goals
  • Develop reporting structure within the org and to the Board

* Please note: The services in the Strategy Project are ‘free’ but will require an investment of your most valuable resource – your time. We will require commitments at Board and ED level to work with our consultants. Please also note that these services are only available to organizations in Peel Region.

Download our PLC Strategy Framework  for more information.

Email us at  if you are interested in hearing more about our strategy development services.  

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