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Through our succession work, PLC aims to increase organizational stability and sustainability. We focus on what we call the 3 Pillars of Succession – Risk Management, Change Management and Talent Development. 

ED/CEO Succession and Transition – As demonstrated in the infographic above 62% of EDs surveyed plan to leave their organization in the next 5 years. However, only 26% of the organizations surveyed have succession plans in place. To maintain stability in our sector and our services, we need to plan ahead and be prepared for the changes.

Even in organizations where the ED is not leaving it’s important to have systems in place for ensuring the organization can carry on if the ED has to leave suddenly for any reason. Planning ahead helps to mitigate the risk of service disruption.

There are several key elements involved in ED/CEO Succession:Board Succession and Transition –  This is also a very important area for your organization. When Board members leave how will you recruit new ones? What skills do you need on your Board? How do we avoid the desperate ‘warm body’ approach to Board recruitment? How will you onboard new board members? Developing a strong Board succession strategy will help to maintain your vision and strengthen your Board rather than disrupt it with unsuitable members who then don’t want to leave.

Board succession includes:

Strength building services are tailored to the succession/transition needs of your organization.  You will be supported by experienced coaches and consultants.

Our Services include:

  • Introduction to Succession Workshop (for Boards and EDs)
  • Board Succession Package
  • ED/CEO Succession Package
  • Transition Coaching for Leaders and Boards

Deliverables have previously included:

  • Emergency Succession Plan – identifies who has keys, passwords, relationships with funders and can step up in the absence of the ED and keep the organization running smoothly
  • Up-to-date ED job description
  • Defined role of board and/or board committees
  • Board recruitment plans
  • Tools for identifying potential leadership candidates
  • Coaching support for EDs and Boards

We help you to think about succession and plan for the future successfully!

* Please note: The services in the Succession Project are ‘free’ but will require an investment of your most valuable resource – your time. We will require commitments at Board and ED level to work with our consultants. Please also note that these services are only available to organizations in Peel Region. 

Download our Board Succession Package  information sheet

Download our ED-CEO Succession Package information sheet

Download our Succession Intake Application

Email us at with your application or if you want to hear more about the project.

PS. Check out our Case Stories to find out how we’ve helped other organizations with succession planning!


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