Our Approach

Peel Leadership Centre (PLC) takes a ‘whole organization’ approach to our strength building work.

We believe that  to build strong organizations we must recognize that all aspects of an organization link with and impact each other. Strategy does not and should not sit on it’s own. It’s connected to everything else as is governance, evaluation, etc.

We’ve also found that although valuable, one off consultancy projects don’t necessarily help to manage the change that occurs or needs to occur in an organization when it embarks on strategy or succession/transition work. And sometimes things come up during those processes that require extra support to ensure implementation success and organizational stability. To have a deeper impact, we need to take a deeper dive. Therefore, we’ve developed a ‘wrap around’ approach to our work with client organizations.

This means that we are in it for the long term and are available to support beyond the first project we undertake with organizations. For example, there may be a need initially for strategy but then during the process we realize that certain competencies are needed on the Board to make the strategy come to life. At that point, we can help to identify the Board members needed for the future and help to create a plan for recruitment. An organization may also find that after doing Board Succession, it successfully recruits a whole bunch of excited new Board members who aren’t clear on their role. We can then come back and help to onboard your new Board!

As part of the whole organization approach we also encourage leaders in our client organizations to take part in our leadership development programs and services. It’s important that as the organization gets stronger, leaders get stronger too.

PLC has also introduced more coaching so that organizations develop ownership of the work and build capacity to do it themselves in the future. We also provide valuable third party facilitation and support when it comes to leadership and board transition.

As an independent nonprofit agency our approach is impartial and unbiased. Our aim is to be a trusted advisor and friend who will be there when support is wanted or needed. We’re here for you!

Contact us at info@peelleadershipcentre.org for more information about our services

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