Our Story

Our Story

At Peel Leadership Centre (PLC) we aim to grow leadership and organizational strength in the nonprofit sector so that maximum social impact can be achieved. Strong leaders and strong organizations deliver high quality services that meet the needs of the people they serve. And that means stronger communities.

PLC was set up as a network by nonprofit leaders and funders in Peel wanting to ensure that the nonprofit sector had somewhere to access support to develop leadership skills. Known at first as the Peel Learning Institute, the network focused on training and learning opportunities. Later, when incorporating as a nonprofit, the organization changed its name to Peel Leadership Centre and expanded its offerings to include capacity building. It was recognized that leaders do not exist in isolation and that there are a range of factors that contribute to an organization’s success including its ability to manage change and operate strategically.

Today, PLC ‘s service delivery includes knowledge sharing, skills building and capacity building. We curate and share great content to make learning more accessible for busy nonprofit leaders. We help aspiring, new and experienced leaders to grow their confidence, their networks and the competencies they need for modern leadership through leadership development events and programs. And, through our coaching and consultancy services, we support organizations in managing transition and planning ahead to ensure stability and sustainability in organizations and the sector overall.

In many ways, PLC’s story is just beginning. We’re excited to see what the next chapter brings and hope you will be part of it!

Our Vision

The nonprofit sector in Peel will maximize its social impact with strong leadership and strong organizations.

Our Mission and Strategic Goals


PLC will cultivate, enhance and support leadership and capacity of the nonprofit sector in Peel.

Strategic Goals for 2017-2020

  1. Grow Nonprofit Leadership Strength
  2. Grow Nonprofit Organizational Strength
  3. Be a Champion for Nonprofit Leadership and Organizational Capacity Building
  4. Grow PLC Strength



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