Peel Region Evaluation Platform

We believe that one of the pillars of a strong organization is the ability to use evaluation effectively to strengthen and improve outcomes as well as building a case for support with funders, donors and the broader community.

Peel Region Evaluation Platform (PREP) is a two-year project, delivered in partnership with Peel Counts and Peel Leadership Centre and funded by the Region of Peel. The platform is a place online where you can learn more about evaluation and access tools and knowledge-building resources to increase your nonprofit’s capacity and confidence to evaluate your work.

We help nonprofits in their quest to understand more about what evaluation is (and isn’t) and what tools and templates are available that can help them plan an evaluation. Increasing knowledge of evaluation within and amongst leadership and program staff helps to improve an organization’s ability to use evaluation effectively.

Even if your organization is planning on hiring an outside evaluator to conduct an evaluation, building knowledge in evaluation can help make the most of your evaluation budget. Building internal capacity in evaluation also improves the likelihood that evaluation activities will be supported across your organization.

The way we see it, evaluation should go beyond an activity that is done to satisfy funders. Instead, evaluation should be incorporated into the program management cycle. When your programs are monitored and assessed on a regular basis, they can remain responsive to your client’s needs.

We’ve heard that an additional challenge in evaluation is knowing what information to gather that will help you understand if your programs are meeting established goals. Understanding how to collect, analyze and interpret data is a crucial part of evaluation. For this reason, we’ve dedicated a section of PREP’s resource area to learning more about data.

Storytelling is another powerful way to share your impact and showcase the meaning your work has on those you serve. As part of PREP, we also provide resources that can help you find and use stories in your evaluations.

Evaluation support for nonprofits

As part of this two-year project, PREP is working one to one with nonprofits looking to increase their ability to evaluate their programs and services. No matter your organization’s “evaluation quotient” we can help your organization increase its capacity by working with you to build an evaluation plan that is tailored to the needs of your organization.  During this process, you will be supported by PREP’s experienced coaches and consultants.

* Please note: The evaluation planning services offered as part of this project are ‘free’ but will require an investment of your most valuable resource – your time. We will require commitments at the ED level to work with our consultants. Please also note that these services are only available to organizations in Peel Region. 

Email us at with your interest in receiving evaluation support or if you want to hear more about the project.

To learn more about PREP, please visit

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