In our blog, “Zero-Budget Professional Development” we shared a number of strategies that almost any organization can implement in order to bolster their professional development activities even if they haven’t a dollar to do so. Coaching and mentoring programs were at the top of the list. And though we shared the guides, “How to Start a Mentoring Program” and “Building an Internal Coaching Program: A Five Step Blueprint for Success”, we did not go into further depth about what coaching and mentoring could look like. As we know, internal coaching and mentoring can help transfer institutional knowledge, develop the skills (both hard and soft) of more junior employees, provide another layer of strategic responsibility to seasoned, experienced staff members, improve loyalty, retention, and so much more.

Since that blog has been so popular, we thought we’d share further resources that could help support the establishment of mentoring or coaching programs at our organizations. We hope you find the below resources useful!


What are the benefits of coaching and mentoring in the workplace?

This is a great place to start. This article explains the difference between basic mentoring and coaching and the benefits and uses of each strategy. If you’re thinking of implementing coaching and mentoring in your team, this is a great article to read through.


How to foster a coaching culture at your workplace

This article suggests that organizations that embrace coaching culture can help foster a work environment suitable for learning and growing. The article offers tips that can help facilitate a coaching culture and how leaders and managers can begin to implement this culture-changing strategy.


How Mentoring in the Workplace Can Strengthen Your Company

Though it is an effective onboarding tool, mentoring is so much more than that. This article shares five tips that will help ensure success of our mentoring programs – starting with matching mentors and mentees and finishing with all of the benefits of a mentorship program. This will get you excited to start!


Seven Ways To Be An Effective Mentor

This article from Forbes shares some strategies that can help ensure that the mentor-mentee relationship is successful. From advocating for our mentee to modeling behaviours and motivating our mentee to link their personal goals to the larger organizational vision. This is a great article to read if you’re new to the relationship or feel that perhaps you could improve your mentoring.


15 Effective Coaching Strategies to Use with New Hires

Despite the name of this article, the strategies found here can be used with new hires, or with folks who have been with your organization for awhile. Tips like ‘Listen more than you speak’, ‘Praise in Public, Correct in Private’, and ‘Understand Their Strengths’ are great ways of being with staff teams whether in a formal mentor or coaching relationship, or as part of standard supervisory and management practice. There are excellent tips in this article.


How to Develop an Internal Mentoring Program

This short and sweet article shares really practical and actionable strategies to get our mentoring program off the ground. Step 1? Identify a program coordinator! Other suggestions include offering training, establishing a program structure and identifying goals.


Using Coaching to Improve Employee Performance

As the title suggests, this blog can helps understand how we can use coaching to correct behaviours, productivity or other work-related performance issues.


How to Start a Mentoring Program

This article suggests that the first step we take in establishing a mentoring program is identifying the objectives of the program. This in-depth article pulls from real life examples and shares how context, culture and other factors impact the resulting program. It also teases out each step and explains why its important to the program’s success. This is a thorough, evidence-based resource that could be very useful in establishing a formalized mentoring program at our organizations.

Does your organization have an internal coaching or mentoring program? Have you benefitted from a coaching or mentoring relationship? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below or email us at

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