In September of 2017 PLC delivered it’s second annual nonprofit leadership conference, TIME OUT. This conference is intended for leaders in the social sector to connect with other leaders, learn some valuable insights about leadership in our sector and to take time away from the office to reflect. Beth Kanter, our Keynote Speaker, not only showed us the importance of self-care in leadership, but also strategies, tips and methods to ensure healthy work environments for everyone.

As with PLC’s 2016 conference, we wanted to capture some learnings and insights directly from the leaders in the room. What are some of their biggest leadership lessons? What are some of their greatest leadership challenges? Specifically, we wanted leaders to speak to their experience with burnout. How did it happen? How did you overcome it? What is the impact on you, your staff and your organization?

As PLC learned in our 2015 ED Survey, burnout is a serious issue in our sector, and we wanted to explore that topic and learn from leaders how they recognize the signs and subvert the crisis.

Below you’ll find links to this year’s videos. Thank you to all who participated! We truly appreciate you sharing your experience and wisdom.

We’d love to hear your leadership stories, too! Feel free to share in the comments below.


This week’s blog was written by Tina de los Santos. Tina brings a diverse mix of nonprofit and business leadership to her role at PLC. Throughout her career, she has been passionate about creating engaging learning experiences that support and inspire people’s professional and personal growth. Tina is our chief knowledge sharer and enjoys digitally connecting with other leaders in Peel to help them find great resources and learning tools.

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